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    MBS Medical Billing Solutions is a family owned and operated medical billing service founded in the year 1993. Our team of highly trained coders and billers offers a full-service medical billing program.

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  • Bringing Consistency and Growth
    to Effective Billing

    For over 20 years, MBS has prided itself in providing the best customer service possible. We engage with our clients on a daily basis to make sure we are meeting their standards. Aside from using the most efficient billing technologies available, MBS constantly seeks perfection. Our team is always learning and staying aware of new guidelines and mandates in order to consistently enhance our service.

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  • Eliminate Your
    Medical Billing Headaches

    Our goals are simple; we make sure our clients receive the maximum reimbursement possible and in a timely fashion. MBS does not label itself as just a billing service. We define ourselves as a valuable solution for practices that struggle with time-consuming billing. Simply put, we are here to help. Your office is our priority.

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We have been providing the highest quality full-service medical billing for over 20 years.

Medical Billing Solutions

Why MBS Medical Billing Solutions?

We believe that quality patient care should always come first. Secondly, we believe that patients can only come first when our clients have more time on their hands. At MBS, we separate ourselves from other firms by treating your practice like one of our own. We want you, our client to be at ease knowing that all functions of your medical billing are being processed in an accurate and timely manner. We are not in this industry for results alone. Results are an important part of any profitable business, but results are only an extension of why we are here. We are here to assist you in running a successful practice that grants time for focusing on what should matter most, your patients. Here is how we do it:

  • Excellent Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. We do so by personal engagement on a daily basis. Your needs are our top priority.

  • Knowledge in all medical specialties

    Billing for private and group practices for over 100 specialties.

  • Prompt resolution of issues that may arise

    Immediate attention to rejections and denials to insure the correct processing of claims.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Physical, network and process security measures are in place and followed for protected health information (PHI) according to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

About Our Company

MBS Medical Billing Solutions is a family owned and operated medical billing service. MBS stands for founders Carol Ann & Manny Candal’s three sons: Manny, Brandon, and Stephen.

MBS Medical Billing Solutions was founded in the summer of 1993 in Brooklyn, New York. Having worked in a medical office for several years, the need to help providers struggling to get their claims paid was addressed when Carol combined her billing knowledge with Manny’s computer expertise. Manny’s vast knowledge in computers mixed with Carol’s experience in medical billing proved to be the right formula for success.

At a time when most claims were still being processed on paper, MBS used very resourceful technology to speed up the claim process by submitting them electronically. As a result, Carol & Manny’s business grew quickly. This innovative movement led to an increase in clients each year. To this day, Manny, Carol, and their team strive to remain current with the always-changing medical billing world.

Each member of the MBS team has 10 or more years of experience in the profession. Manny, Carol and their team also value sustaining positive relationships with their clients. MBS is pleased to offer these services so providers can focus more on patient care and enjoy their free time.

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Our Services

Providing medical billing and coding services for all specialties.

  • Initiate claims using patient demographics and superbills
  • Follow-up on unpaid claims to determine the reason for non-payment
  • Post payments
  • Submit claims directly to Medicare, Medicaid, and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Resubmit claims for various reasons
  • Generate secondary billing and/or patient billing
  • Electronically submit claims to over 1000 commercial carriers using Emdeon (WebMD)
  • Interact with providers to keep them abreast of any issues that may arise
  • Supply various reports available upon request


Your information is always safe with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions on our health insurance billing management services and what we can do for you in order to make informed and effective choices on your billing, coding, and practice management.

Are MBS billers & coders reliable? Are you truly experts in your field?

Yes. Our experienced staff realizes the need for addressing each claim in a timely and accurate manner.

How secure is your service? Do I need to worry about confidentiality?

MBS is HIPAA compliant with all administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place.

How can I save money using MBS’s services?

Fees are reasonable and competitive. Providers pay only a small percentage of what they are reimbursed each month.

Can you handle the complicated billing procedures that my office currently deals with?

MBS has helped new providers set up their practice, enrolled them into insurances and advised them on how to maximize their time with patients by eliminating time-consuming billing. MBS has serviced solo practitioners who have grown to large group practices by adding/enrolling new providers into the group. Additionally, we have helped providers make the transition from one state to another by enrolling them in the appropriate insurances and making changes to their location. We update provider records and help with demographic changes.

How do I know if you are truly reputable?

Our providers are our voice. Please feel free to contact them.

What separates MBS from its competitors?

MBS is our baby – and we are committed to making it the best option for a provider that would like to out-source their billing.

What our clients say about us

MBS has been our loyal billing service for more than 15 years. They are professional, efficient and get the job done. Over the years, insurance companies become more non-compliant; this has never affected MBS’s ability to get our claims paid in a timely manner. They make themselves available for both the small and great issues. They not only put their expertise into their business, they add the personal touch that insures and has proven their dedication to our success.

I highly recommend MBS – don’t waste your time looking elsewhere. MBS gets the job done, will get your claims paid and is the most dedicated billing service I have ever worked with during my 42 years of practicing.

Richard Steiner, DPMPodiatrist (Bronx, NY & Mamaroneck, NY)

Our practice has been using MBS since 2002. They provide superior customer service with attention to detail at every level. We have been very happy with the work MBS has done for our practice. They also provide us with the detailed billing information for our reimbursements, which is emailed to us when it becomes available and at any request thereafter. Not only are they aggressive and good at what they do, they are also professional and easily accessible. They have answered all of the questions that we have had and helped us maximize our reimbursements to the fullest.

Eugene Dyakovetsky, MDLakeside Medical
General Practice (Philadelphia, PA)

I’ve used this company for the last 18 years and have had a great experience with them. I highly recommend this service to any medical practice.

David Yakobashvili, MDDavid Yakobashvili, MD, LLC
Internal Medicine (Somerset,NJ)

I started using MBS Medical Billing Solutions in 1997. Since then, I have yet to think otherwise of their outstanding service. Not only are they professional, they are great people to work with and super friendly.

Ludmila Gudz, MDInternal Medicine (Union, NJ & Maplewood,NJ)

Carol and the MBS team have been “my office staff” for about 20 years. As a solo practice the “away office” has kept me in business. Available and friendly.

David Rosen, MD Urologist (Lebanon, NJ)

Approximately 23 years ago I had disappointing experiences with billing provided by hospitals I was affiliated with. I then established a working relationship with a private biller who was simply not doing half the job. At the recommendation of a colleague, I started working with the Candals at MBS for my private practice in New Jersey. It was a night and day difference with consistent and prompt quality billing at affordable rates. My income increased as a result and it was a very cost-effective measure to ensure my success. In 2005 I moved to New Hampshire and MBS graciously pursued the paperwork required to continue providing me with the same quality service. When I retired I felt that, although I no longer needed their services, I had made friends forever.

Rod Chronister, MDPhysiatrist (Manchester, New Hampshire)

I have been using MBS for just over a year now and I am beyond satisfied with their service. Right away I was able to see that they were dedicated to my practice and they are very cordial. It is a breath of fresh air to know that my billing is in good hands. Without hesitation, I highly recommend them to other providers.

Ronald Seminara, MDPediatrician (Brooklyn, NY)

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